What you need to know about hybrid cloud

Video interview with Joseph Offenberg | Ask the Expert, Episode #5

Are you preparing to transition to the cloud? Are you taking steps to prepare your applications for a multi cloud infrastructure? Then, you’re not alone.

In this video chat with Technical Director, Joe Offenberg, you’ll find out what you need to know about hybrid cloud. Take control of your config data in the cloud, manage RBAC with confidence and automate validations in a highly agile, fast-moving hybrid cloud environment with ease.

Ask the Expert | Episode 5 | What you need to know about Hybrid Cloud

The good, the bad and the hybrid cloud

Emily Tippins, Global Marketing Director catches up with Joe Offenberg, Technical Director, to get his views on what you need to know about hybrid cloud.

Emily: Welcome everybody to the next episode of Ask the Expert. Today, I’m in London and Joe is in New York. Joe, hi – how are you doing?

Joe: Pretty good, pretty good. How are you?

Emily: I’m good thank you, yeah. I really want to talk to you about your view on cloud infrastructure and cloud adoption. And I guess my first question to you, Joe, is do you see much cloud adoption at the moment? Is it something that people are really getting their teeth into? How does the land lie?

Joe: What’s been happening a lot more at the moment that you didn’t used to see is production applications moving to the cloud. Previously it was mostly pre-prod environments, dev and test and QA, where environments would come and go in the cloud, but I think now the enterprise is starting to embrace the cloud for customer facing production applications. And that’s probably what’s happening most recently.

The one big hybrid cloud challenge

Emily: Right, and do you feel that there’s one big challenge that you could boil it down to? When you’re going into customers are you seeing that they are all struggling with the with the same big thing? Or does it really vary?

Joe: Sure, well there’s a lot of challenges and managing resources is a big challenge. Sometimes, people provision things in the cloud and then forget about them and they don’t de-provision them. This was a problem that cloud was supposed to solve.

Joe: Understanding performance differences when you move to the cloud is a challenge. Understanding… you know, having the right application architecture is very important. Also, so you don’t create a vendor lock-in with a cloud provider you want to be able to migrate your applications from one cloud provider to another, right?

Joe: You don’t want to depend on resources from a specific provider. And yeah, so probably the biggest challenge then is security, yeah?

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RBAC and hybrid cloud

Emily: Mmmm yeah, that’s really interesting. Furthermore, with security, there’s also regulations around for certain industries as well?

Joe: Yep. For that reason, the biggest thing with the cloud is that there’s so many different configuration settings. Firstly, if you’re doing cloud in a declarative way, you have to provide a lot of different settings for a lot of different components. And secondly, if you get one of those settings wrong, you can expose your vulnerability. On top of that, different people need to be able to access those configuration settings in different ways. And you need very fine grain entitlements around that you need role-based access control for different teams at a very granular level. Above all, that is a big challenge that we should be able to solve.

Emily: Mmmm, similarly it’s just as much about giving people access to what they should and need have access to as it is about stopping people accessing certain things as well.

Joe: That’s absolutely right. You want to enable people to do the job they need to do, you know. Don’t create bottlenecks where everyone has to go through a central team to get changes done, right? Give people the ability to make changes themselves. It’s faster that way. It’s more agile that way.

Emily: This is a really fascinating topic, Joe. Finally, I understand that you’re running a webinar shortly on this topic, “How to build a rock solid hybrid cloud infrastructure“. With that in mind, can you tell me a bit more about when that’s running?

Joe: It’s January 22nd, I believe… (is that right?).

Emily: Yeah, I threw you under the bus there, didn’t I?! January 22nd

Joe: I have it in my calendar!

Emily: Yeah, I think it’s 09:00 am Eastern Time as well. So, it’ll be great to see you there. What’s more, I’m looking forward to chatting more about cloud adoption soon, Joe. Thank you so much for your time.

Joe: Hey, thank you. Bye, Emily.

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