What We Do

SWEAGLE is a SaaS and on-premise platform for managing, consolidating and continuously validating all kinds of configuration data for traditional and modern enterprise applications

what SWEAGLE does explained in 5 steps






1. We collect data

SWEAGLE automatically collects 

configuration data from a wide variety of sources and formats. Other tools can directly inject config data through our API.

2. We consolidate data

SWEAGLE structures the data, identifies duplicates, applies standardization and maps it into a single "full picture" graph based data model. SWEAGLE has an open library of configuration data types to expedite the automatic discovery.

3. We validate data

SWEAGLE automatically detects broken config data settings before they are consumed by other tooling. SWEAGLE applies technical, functional and compliancy validation checks upon every changed set of configuration data. 

4. We put everything under version control

SWEAGLE branches and merges automatically in the background, resolves conflicts and provide powerful analytics and insights on the evolution of config data. We provide an accumulated diffCompare between any 2 dates to speed up root cause analysis in case of issues.

5. We make data actionable

SWEAGLE turns the data into machine readable "ready to use" data, consumed through a secure API. Terraform yaml, Ansible dynamic inventory, full resolved config file templates, ... - SWEAGLE offers it out of the box.


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