View on demand webinar: Why configuration data matters – today and tomorrow!

Updated: May 16

Title: Embrace the Configuration Data Chaos in DevSecOps: Why configuration data matters – today and tomorrow!

Presented by: Benny Van de Sompele, CTO & Co-founder SWEAGLE

Configuration data is more important now than ever before, as we get releases into production faster and more frequently. We need new code, the right “settings” for the right environment and the right release which comes down to configuration data. 

You probably already use a distributed source code management (SCM) platform like git or bitbucket? You’ve invested in automated testing of your code? You’ve thought about automating the deployments from DEV to TEST to PRODUCTION?  But how do you manage, test and validate all the configuration data and settings that go with it? 

Join us for this webinar where Benny Van de Sompele will talk about: 

– The current state of configuration data management and the challenges that come with it.  – How you can introduce a non-intrusive automated process, which will allow your DevOps teams to release more often and faster, whilst at the same time reducing the risk of failure and service degradations.  – Real use cases from legacy type environments from pure cloud native architectures and hybrid applications. With the increase of CI/CD automation in the market, comes the risk of rapidly breaking application environments. 

The more we automate the less there is “human validation”, but without rigorous testing and validation sooner or later failure will happen. 

The future is digital – everybody agrees, the cost of failure is now the difference between surviving and thriving!

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