SWEAGLE, the software eagle, drives the digital future of enterprise applications and lands $3.0M

SWEAGLE, the software eagle, drives the digital future of enterprise applications and lands $3.0M in funding

The money raised will be used to fund global expansion and extend artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities within the SWEAGLE platform.

SWEAGLE, SaaS platform provider for Configuration Data Management of enterprise applications, announced an investment of $3.0M led by XAnge with additional funds coming from a US based enterprise SaaS vendor. The financing will be used to expand SWEAGLE’s global teams in the UK and US, and to continue to deepen the machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities within the SWEAGLE platform.​

“The SWEAGLE team has rapidly captured the attention of Enterprises looking to accelerate the delivery of their customer-facing applications. They recognize that organizations need both a strategy for managing Hybrid Cloud, SaaS and Legacy infrastructures, as well as to be prepared for an unparalleled velocity of change,” said Nicolas Rose, Partner at XAnge. “SWEAGLE is a great example of the type of founder-led, innovative and ambitious Enterprise software businesses that XAnge likes to invest in.”

“It is unusual for a company like SWEAGLE to attract such high profile and relevant investors. We feel privileged to be working with XAnge and a leading US based enterprise SaaS vendor to support our global expansion and continued innovation into the SWEAGLE platform” said Mark Verstockt, CEO & Co-founder of SWEAGLE.

About SWEAGLE Founded in 2017 in Belgium, SWEAGLE provides a SaaS and on-premise platform for management of configuration data in cloud native and traditional architected enterprise applications. SWEAGLE uses innovative technology for consolidation, validation, security and change tracking of configuration data technology.  Using SWEAGLE, customers have been able to increase delivery velocity of application releases, reduce cost and effort in deployment operations and improve overall operational resilience. For organisations that are getting digital future ready, SWEAGLE provides support for a hybrid cloud/SaaS strategy, enables the adoption of new frameworks, and secures readiness for an unparalleled velocity of change.

PR Contact: Reena Nijhar

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