Swisscom’s IPTV Operations team selects SWEAGLE to manage the configuration data of crucial applications

SWEAGLE today announced that Swisscom, Switzerland’s leading telecoms company and one of its leading IT companies, has joined the growing SWEAGLE customer base. Swisscom’s IPTV Operations team is using SWEAGLE as their configuration data management platform, an agnostic repository for the collection and consolidation of all their configuration data.

‘Previously our configuration data was spread across multiple tools’ said Ahmad Alayan, Head of IPTV Operations at Swisscom, ‘with SWEAGLE we have a consolidated view of our configuration data, and now we can analyse, compare, validate and secure it. We are already seeing a further improvement in the service and quality we can provide to our customers.’

‘The IPTV Operations team at Swisscom consider configuration data as very important for the management and operations of complex environments’ said Benny Van de Sompele, CTO and co-founder of SWEAGLE, ‘SWEAGLE is now implemented as the agnostic repository of configuration data, where every tool they use in the landscape can simply read and write configuration data, and SWEAGLE takes care of the automatic versioning, history, consolidation, diff Compare and validation. Connecting another tool to SWEAGLE is now simple and straightforward and can be done at no additional cost because of the open and agnostic APIs.’

SWEAGLE is pleased to be partnering with a leading visionary such as Swisscom as they continue to delight their customers by delivering innovative and exciting new products.

About SWEAGLE Founded in 2017 in Belgium, SWEAGLE provides a SaaS and on-premise platform for management of configuration data in cloud native and traditional architected enterprise applications. SWEAGLE uses innovative technology for consolidation, validation, security and change tracking of configuration data.  Using SWEAGLE, customers have been able to increase delivery velocity of application releases, reduce cost and effort in deployment operations and improve overall operational resilience. For organisations that are getting digital future ready, SWEAGLE provides support for a hybrid cloud/SaaS strategy, enables the adoption of new frameworks, and secures readiness for an unparalleled velocity of change.

PR Contact: Reena Nijhar info@sweagle.com

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