Not directly involved in app delivery or support? Config data still matters and here’s why…

So, you’re heading up IT security in your organization or you’re head of cyber security. Why should you care less about configuration data? You’re not directly involved in application development or app support, right? So is it really within the realm or your responsibility to consider the correct management of config files?

Well, according to Sweagle’s UKI Sales Director, Tim Reynolds, you’d be wrong to dismiss it. And here’s why…70% of issues with business application are the result of change.

Security and risk are topical areas given the major impact of data breaches on customer trust and market perception. If it feels like these data breaches happen all the time, that’s because they do. This is largely due to increased reliance on technology and a greater demand to deliver application updates, improvements and functionality – faster and more frequently.

In this live web chat, Tim Reynolds talks to Emily Tippins, Global Marketing Director, about why all tech security leaders should sit up and take notice of how config data is being handled in their organizations.

If you want to hear more about the security, validation and correct governance of config files within your application estate, jump over to our YouTube channel to catch more from our experts.

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