Machine Learning | The magic enabler performing preventative validations on config data

Are your organization’s Machine Learning initiatives stalling from a lack of data, fledgling DevOps processes or a mismatch with existing agile automation within your CI/CD pipeline? Well, that’s not necessarily a challenge. You don’t need stacks of historical data or to be a highly mature DevOps outfit.

There’s a lot of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence hype around right now. But, when it comes to the management of config data, it’s the magic wand that enables us to deliver enormous value to DevOps and architecture teams. Machine Learning is the ‘magic enabler’ behind the scenes that makes sure we can do all these preventive validations with little to no manual effort.

In this episode of Ask the Expert, CTO & Co-Founder, Benny Van de Sompele, explains how Machine Learning initiatives at Sweagle are giving our customers config data superpowers and a high performance CI/CD pipeline.

Machine Learning is what makes our config data management achieve what it claims to. Namely; consolidate and validate all kinds of configuration data – from infra to environment to application configs. What’s more, the platform catches errors before they are even applied.

Machine Learning Webinar

When it comes to the management of config data, we are on a mission to explain in detail what it is that Sweagle does and the value it brings to DevOps and architecture teams.

With that in mind, we produced a new Machine Learning webinar, ‘How to Harness the Hidden Force of Machine Learning to get Config Data Superpowers (and a high performance CI/CD Pipeline’.

In just 20 minutes, you’ll learn:

  • How we make ML work for config data in CI/CD
  • What insights you’ll get after 3 days, 3 week and 3 months
  • How we use supervised and white box algorithms
  • What kittens have to do with Machine Learning!
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