From development through testing and into production, SWEAGLE continuously validates all sensitive configData, manages it and automatically secures it. 


SWEAGLE enables an IT organization to go further than DevOps and realize the benefits of DevSecOps with a more industrial and secure way to manage configuration data in an automated pipeline, we do this by: 


  • Collecting all configuration data in a central repository in order to control it 

  • Sharing and distributing access to the information based on organisational rules 

  • Securing & encrypting any sensitive data, with high quality and reliability of the configuration data 

  • Integrating seamlessly into the DevOps pipeline and enabling continuous validation without impacting speed & agility; 

  • Detecting & tracking any changes to enable audit trail and to facilitate root cause analysis. 

  • Ensuring compliance to legal and internal security rules with fine-grained RBAC (who has access to what), encryption, and continuous validation 

  • Providing single points of proof for all your enterprise configuration data with history of changes and full auditability (who has done what). 


Operational Resilience 

SWEAGLE aligns to give you a better level of operational resilience by providing insight into your data lifecycle, the holes in your process, the changes which happen on a daily, hourly basis which if left un-checked might cause you major downtime.  We do this by 


  • Bringing your developer, testing, release management & support teams together. SWEAGLE provides a seamless management of configData, allowing teams to collaborate more during releases whilst remaining none invasive. 

  • SWEAGLE continuously centralises, validates and secures configData throughout your estate. From Dev to ops. From Testing to release. An open, API driven technology stack to remove the risk of configData to your business. 

  • SWEAGLE secures secrets & sensitivities. Rigorous Role based access on who can see, access and change config whilst accelerating the quality gates and approvals required when real change is needed in real time. 

  • SWEAGLE gives operations the view of what is running in their estate. What changed, when, by whom. Armed with the tools to confidently find Root Cause Analysis and diagnose issues faster, their source and allow the business to build better methods for improving their process. Often understanding the history and past of a change allows you to build for the future. 


Cloud Migration

In the cloud, configData changes rapidly as the number of microservices and containers increase. SWEAGLE removes configData inhibitors and accelerates your cloud strategy.  We do this by: 


  • Providing a trusted, secure and validated config data repository, accessible securely at any point in the release pipeline through a robust API. 

  • Using the SWEAGLE rules engine to validate the settings to ensure that minimal resources are provisioned, naming conventions are enforced, secrets are encrypted and databases are provisioned in the correct geographical region 

  • Applying fine grained role based access controls to the individual key value pairs that make yaml files.  These controls will allow for greater more widely used common set of provision parameters which will improve adoption of the cloud migration strategy.   



SWEAGLE is an easily accessible, flexible, and secure config data repository. It provides config data version control plus, a config validation rules engine … exactly what is needed for migrating applications to the cloud! 


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