Jenkins user? Kick configuration data issues to the curb

Jenkins Sweagle plugin

This technical demonstration shows how Jenkins users can automate the validation of all configuration data types with additional role-based access and auditability. Using the verified Sweagle plugin for Jenkins, you will see how easy it is to remove the headaches of manual configuration data management.

Join us on BrightTalk for a quick online demonstration of how Jenkins users can start using the Sweagle integration straight away to:

  • Take fewer steps to deploy quicker and with greater reliability using the Sweagle Jenkins plugin
  • Avoid manual fixes of configuration data directly in Jenkins
  • See how the seamless validation of all configuration data helps your teams do better work at greater speed
  • Learn how Jenkins users can perform diff compare and root-cause analysis with little effort
  • Decrease application downtime and eliminate risky misconfigurations from the SDLC without leaving the Jenkins interface
  • Manage RBAC for all infrastructure, application and environment configuration data through the Jenkins admin panel
  • Increase the quality of your applications through configuration data governance that requires almost zero effort

Join Jeff Somers, US Sales Director, Joseph Offenberg, US Technical Director and Emily Tippins, Global Marketing Director for a quick start guide to the Sweagle Jenkins integration.

Before you start using the plugin

Check out our configuration data guide to understand what it is and why it matters.

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