How to use machine learning to control configuration data

The how and the why of using machine learning to power and control your configuration data

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Without doubt, machine learning helps DevOps teams take back control of configuration data – with little to no effort. What’s more, the sheer scale and changeability of configuration data is overwhelming. Undeniably, it’s impossible for DevOps to navigate the torrent of issues caused by incorrect configuration data. Let alone validate or correct each one. Therefore, DevOps teams that use machine learning have a clear advantage over the rest of the players in the race.

As a matter of fact, certain machine learning capabilities start giving back almost immediately. So, in this white paper, you’ll learn what these are.

Controlling configuration data with machine learning

It’s important to realize, data which is moving, changing and growing throughout its life cycle is the perfect place for machine learning to thrive. Above all, you can start using it right away. Therefore, machine learning can improve the quality of your configuration data with less manual input from DevOps.

Download this white paper to discover:

  • The biggest gains from using machine learning to control configuration data.
  • Machine learning tricks to manage tedious, repetitive work.
  • More agility, increased turnaround and better use of the knowledge within your teams.
  • More automation for DevOps.

In conclusion, you’ll learn why you should adopt the power of machine learning right now. What’s more, you’ll discover how easy it can be to continuously validate and secure your configuration data along the CI/CD.

What you’ll gain from this machine learning white paper

  • What machine learning enabled configuration data gives you after 3 days, 3 weeks and 3 months. 
  • How to get ‘zero effort’ configuration data management with machine learning enabled intelligence.  
  • How machine learning creates insights that you could never come up on your own.

Finally, this white paper is the fruit (and hard work) of an expert webcast. So, if you want to hear the debate that was run by Benny Van de Sompele & Filip Deryckere, catch it here: Harnessing machine learning to improve your CI/CD.

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