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Firstly, cloud adoption isn’t going away. The shift to a cloud infrastructure is inevitable but not insignificant. So, how do you manage config when deploying to cloud-based workloads? This web tutorial with Ben Riley explains 3 practical tips to introducing config standardization in the cloud.

Secondly, Ben delves into the process of controlling sensitive information within your configuration data. That’s because you’ll need practices in place to lock down who can make changes to your microservices. Then, learn how to limit access to your cloud environments in a granular way. And lastly, Ben talks through how to provide co-dependent teams with the right privileges so they don’t negatively impact others.

Obviously, you need standardization, validation and role-based access to manage cloud config. With that being said, when an enterprise decides to adopt a hybrid and multicloud infrastructure, it’s not as simple as a “lift and shift” of existing protocols. And so, the way you run multiple microservices and containers in the cloud poses new and uncharted challenges. Understandably, operations and cloud teams have to strike a balance. And it’s a fine line between flexible environments that provide agility, and the right level of governance that protects the business.

Cloud config tutorial

As a result of multiple customer encounters, Ben Riley, UK Technical Director at Sweagle, shares his 3 practical tips to managing cloud config.

For the first time, Ben runs a live cloud config tutorial that covers:

  1. How to introduce standardization without losing agility
  2. Leveraging role-based access control in the cloud
  3. The practicalities of managing a hybrid cloud infrastructure that validates and automates config data control.

Watch on-demand to get Ben’s vital tips for how to manage cloud config. This technical tutorial is ideal for anyone with a cloud-based job role. It’s also relevant for infrastructure, architecture and environments managers.

Further reading on cloud config data

On the one hand, there are technical aspects to consider when managing cloud config. But on the other hand, there are wider issues to acknowledge before delving into practicalities. That’s why, we’ve created a cloud infrastructure webinar to explore the challenges you might encounter when you transition to a cloud-based infrastructure.

Config Cast | Podcast

In addition to the technical tutorial on managing config data in the cloud, you might also benefit from following Sweagle’s Config Cast on Spotify. Episode 1 is the hybrid cloud podcast and includes an interview with Joseph Offenberg, US Technical Director.

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