How to make DevSecOps & CI/CD a winning combination

Rewatch this popular Sweagle webinar, that had over 100 registrants, for an interactive discussion with industry expert, Stéphan Hellmann, on best practices for coping with secrets, audit trails and evidence repositories.

This 30 minute webinar is targeted at tech leaders who are required to stay ahead of regulatory requirements. As you know, these requirements are constantly evolving, so join this session to learn how you should be balancing the need to be agile with adopting the right technologies and, all the while, empowering your DevOps teams.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to prevent compliancy violation through intelligent automation of config data.
  • How to deal with compliancy violation through enhanced visibility of config data.
  • How a detailed audit trail of config data, automated secrets management and an evidence repository will help you to meet your regulatory obligations.

Learn tactics and strategies you can implement today to to make CI/CD automation and DevSecOps a winning combination in in your enterprise.

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