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In IT organizations today, DevOps is no longer a “foreign” concept, it is the standard way to go with agile projects & deliveries, sharing information between Dev and Ops, and realising the benefits of faster time to market as never before. 

At the same time, security is a “must-have” that no company can afford to ignore, with so many regulations to comply on sensitive and financial data (GDPR, SOX, …); ransomware becoming a hobby for international hackers. 

In this context, IT directors must face the challenge to resolve 2 contradicting actions: 

  • secure & control information, including all configuration data; 
  • open and share more information between teams to contribute to agility & speed of delivery. 

SWEAGLE helps solve this challenge by: 

  • Collecting all configuration data in a central repository in order to control it; 
  • Sharing & distributing access to the information based on the rule of each organisation; 
  • Securing & encrypting any sensitive data; 
  • Integrating seamlessly to the DevOps pipeline enabling continuous validation without impacting speed & agility; 
  • Detecting & tracking any change to enable audit trail & facilitate root cause analysis. 

SWEAGLE enables an IT organization to go further than DevOps and realize the benefits of DevSecOps with a more industrial and secure way to manage configuration data in an automated pipeline: 

  • Secure deliveries with higher quality & reliability of the configuration data; 
  • Compliance to legal and internal security rules with fine-grained RBAC (who has access to what), encryption, and continuous validation; 
  • Single points of proof for all your enterprise configuration data with history of changes and full auditability (who has done what). 

All IT organizations are going to deliver through automated pipelines, all IT organizations will accelerate deliveries with DevOps practises, all IT organizations will be more & more data driven, but speed without control is just putting companies at risk of going out of the road. 

SWEAGLE enables IT organizations to embrace the speed of DevOps changes while keeping security and control of one of their most important technical assets: their configuration data. 

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