DevSecOps | More than a buzzword

DevSecOps White Paper

Author: Benny Van de Sompele

DevSecOps. It’s more than just a buzzword…

To start with, this DevSecOps white paper poses an important question about DevSecOps. Why isn’t it getting the attention it deserves, and – more importantly – what’s the cost of ignoring it?

As a result, Co-Founder & CTO, Benny Van de Sompele, shares his exclusive take on proper implementation of DevSecOps within the CI/CD pipeline. To illustrate the point, he shares his unique Three Stack Process. The result is a break down of the fundamental building blocks required to build effective management, governance and security of configuration data. All with the intention that it will improve your release velocity.

What you’ll learn about DevSecOps

Given these points above, download this practical white paper today to learn why DevSecOps is eminently important. What’s more, it’s vital to the operation of every DevOps function across the globe.

Specifically, the DevSecOps white paper covers:

  • How to safeguard your CI/CD pipelines and continue to deliver better quality, error-free and secure applications.
  • How to gain full control of your application estate. In order that you know exactly how every application is running in every environment.
  • How to sustain release velocity through automated control of diff comparisons in order to track over time and in-between instances.
  • The benefits of an agnostic config data repository. At the same time with smart root cause analysis through automated analytics.
  • How to have a constant eye on all technical, functional and sensitive changes throughout the CI/CD pipeline. With the intention of improving release deployment predictability.

Author Bio

Benny Van de Sompele
Co-Founder & CTO

Finally, a bit about the author, Benny Van de Sompele. Not only has he turned his experience from implementing DevOps and Continuous Delivery for enterprise applications but he’s delivered this for companies such as CA Technologies, Nolio and Oblicore). Then, he created this into a software platform that’s carving the way for modern DevOps teams with the purpose of fully automating the config data within their entire application estate. And subsequently giving visibility of all kinds of config data across every stage of the application life cycle.

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