DevSecOps Field Notes

FinTech Field Notes from a Technical Director
Author: Ben Riley

If you’re reading this, it’s safe to assume that you know DevOps is no longer just a fluffy concept. It’s now the standard for agile projects and deliveries. Today, information is actively shared between Dev and Ops, with multiple teams delivering more features with a plethora of changes going into production faster than ever.  

But why has a security component crept into DevOps? Why the new buzzword and what was wrong with plain old DevOps? Where did this new-fangled term come from and do we need to bother with it?  

In these Field Notes, Ben Riley shares his experience with FinTech customers from over the last six years where he's seen first-hand how DevOps is getting more mature. DevOps is now widely adopted in IT enterprises that have large application estates. He is also seeing a rapid shift towards cloud native architectures and micro services. As a result, agile DevOps teams are deploying at breakneck speed.  

Download the full Field Notes to get Ben's five step process for avoiding data black holes in FinTech CI/CD pipelines. 

Who should read these Field Notes?

Anyone with an interest in DevOps and the rise of secrets management within configuration data should read these Field Notes. 

If you see your role below, then you need to read these notes. 

  • Chief Technical Office

  • Head of Infrastructure

  • Head of Environments

  • Head of Release

What you'll learn

These Field Notes include the following takeaways and learnings:  

  • Why DevSecOps is more important than ever before in FinTech

  • Understand the FinTech vulnerabilities and how DevSecOps plays a pivotal role. 

  • The five steps to avoiding data black holes and managing configuration data in a controlled way with automated CI/CD. 

About the author

Ben Riley is Technical Director at Sweagle. He helps FinTech customers to  embrace the speed of DevOps changes while maintaining security and control of their most important technical assets: their configuration data.

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