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How a telco simplified infrastructure configuration data

The challenge

To simplify infrastructure configuration data seemed like an unattainable goal for this multinational telco enterprise. But, they really needed to find a way to simplify bespoke customer configurations. Consequently, their dream was to provide standardized infrastructure configuration data in minutes rather than days.  

Why did they need simplified infrastructure configuration data? 

The first problem was their manual and labor-intensive process for customizing infrastructure configuration data. For example, deployments were slow and reactive and there was no pipeline. As a result, they suffered high maintenance costs, delays and inefficiencies that could be improved 

So, with this in mind, the telco saw an opportunity to adopt the infrastructure as code methodology. With Sweagle, they would get a validated model of infrastructure configuration data. In turn, this would increase their scalability, allow them to deploy faster and improve the service delivered to their customers. Ultimately, they would achieve their aim of simplified infrastructure configuration data. It became clear that an intelligent configuration data management platform, like Sweagle, was required. Why? Because it would to help them automate the management of infrastructure configuration data as much as possible. 

What Sweagle did

To simplify infrastructure configuration data, Sweagle's data modelling capabilities were used to create a single view of the infrastructure configuration data.  Sweagle's API framework seamlessly integrated with the existing toolchain to consume all configuration data and Sweagle's rules engine natively integrated with the pipeline tools. 

During this initial phase, Sweagle encountered many different configuration settings and file formats. For instance, this first step alone, gave the customer a standardized and compliant control over their infrastructure configuration data. Put another way, this was something they had never had. Specifically, Sweagle handled and validated this vast range of data with ease, quickly demonstrating its machine learning capabilities.

At the same time, Sweagle automaticallyand accurately validated 1000s ofconfiguration data items. In addition, it did all this without interfering with the current Continuous Delivery process. Therefore, the customer gained valuable insight and instant versioned history of their infrastructure configuration data. 

The results of simplified infra configurations

By implementing Sweagle, the customer's infrastructure configuration data was considerably simplified. Plus, the time and cost ofprovisioning and managing infrastructures was also far lower. So now, the telco can provision custom infrastructures with much greater speed and agility. What's more, they are automatically deploying equipment through a pipeline with confidence, accuracy and a lot less risk because the infrastructure configuration data was rigorously validated and secured by Sweagle. 

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