Configuration data management

Sweagle is the de facto platform in configuration data management
(fuelled by machine learning)

clean up your configuration data

Tired of preparing, reviewing and correctly the config data for a release? Config data management doesn’t have to be so painful.

Your DevOps can be free from that burden to focus on what they do best: making awesome customer experiences.

Sweagle is the global SaaS platform that takes the headache out of config data management.

You could call it a config painkiller. But it’s a little more special because it has a unique ability to look back at all previous painful releases. What's more, it learns what went wrong and makes sure it doesn’t hurt you again. Ever.

Sweagle does all this and more in one flexible repository. And as a key component to your automated CI/CD process, Sweagle never interferes with your current software engineering tooling. More than that, it's fuelled by powerful machine learning algorithms. That means your config data works for you, not against you.

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Your secrets are safe with Sweagle

Are you always unsure if you'll pass an internal audit? Concerned that systems are compromised because passwords and tokens are in plain text? Or maybe they are hiding in all kinds of config files?

Sweagle handles config data management for you. More importantly, you rest easy with automatic encrypting of all passwords, tokens or customer data. Surprisingly, they could be lurking in plain sight right inside your config files.

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Configuration Data Management

Like a boss!

First of all, are you sick of being the last to know when there’s a violation or outage? Secondly, does your head hurt when you think of the thousands of parameters, settings and key value pairs for any release? Finally, just imagine all the secrets and tokens you have to trawl through. In reality, all you want it to find out what changed, who changed it and what it was changed to.

On the positive side, you don’t ever have to do that again because Sweagle creates a run time repository of all config settings - past and present. In other words, pluck a snapshot from any point to see where it came from and why it was applied. Easy.

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If it’s broke, just fix it

Sweagle should be your new best buddy. Because it will standardize the configuration files all by itself and go ahead and fix any issues before other tools can get their hands on it. That’s pretty neat.

Sweagle saves your DevOps teams a ton of time and cuts out the flab before it gets to production.

Manage configuration data like a boss!