Cloud Infrastructure White Paper

How to build a rock-solid cloud infrastructure

As a postscript to the popular Cloud Infrastructure webinar delivered by Joseph Offenberg, he has written this cloud infrastructure white paper to further explain some of the key considerations for building a cloud infra.

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The most notable change to happen to agile development is the increased number of new releases being deployed. We are now releasing almost every day – sometimes multiple times a day. Naturally, this growth in release frequency and deployment adds extra pressure on our infrastructures.

To handle these frequent updates, all the capabilities of an application get broken down into microservices. Today, we scale out differently and we deploy to multiple locations. The trouble is, every single microservice has its own set of configuration data. Quite clearly, this presents infrastructure teams with new challenges… but are we taking enough notice of cloud config?

Dynamic config for dynamic infrastructures

Firstly, when dealing with config data in the cloud, we have dynamic infrastructures to handle. We build an environment in a declarative way and when it’s time to make updates to it, we knock it all down. Then we start all over again when it’s time to build the next iteration. However, we still need to get our hands on historical settings and parameters that were used.

Secondly, we have the added complexities of modern DevOps. Not only do we have dynamic infrastructures, we have hybrid, multi cloud environments too. With each deployment, we have to plan for a mixture of public and private cloud configuration and that presents a lot of standardization challenges. As a result, DevOps requires a careful look at how we manage configuration settings for these new-breed deployments.

How to build a rock-solid cloud infrastructure takes a look at the shift in trends and industry drivers that brought us to where we are today. On the one hand we have the growing demand for new features – features which the business requires immediately. On the other hand, we have the elevated complexity of application components. So our challenge is managing the multitudinous application-specific config data that exists across all environments.

Cloud infrastructure blueprint

This cloud infrastructure white paper lays out a blueprint for preparing your organization for cloud-based workloads. There are intertwined processes that need reviewing, from the gold standard to the cloud governance models, and from secrets management to machine learning capabilities. To get ahead of these complexities, and to reap their rewards, you must build your hybrid cloud on a rock-solid infrastructure.

Before you simply ‘lift and shift’ everything into the cloud, use the blueprint in this cloud infrastructure white paper to plan your organization’s cloud adoption journey. This blueprint outlines the following considerations;

  • Standardization in the cloud
  • Vulnerabilities in the cloud
  • Multi teams in the cloud
  • Cloud governance models
  • Continuous validation in the cloud
  • Machine learning capabilities for the cloud

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