Blurred lines | How does the pace of change impact application deployment quality?

Agile DevOps teams have changed. Blurring the lines between Dev, Prod and Ops whilst adopting new technology and practices at speed. How does this pace of change impact application deployment quality and the need to be ever more compliant, more secure and more evidence-based?

We’re rewinding to the first episode in our Ask the Expert interview series that seeks to uncover the truth about why DevSecOps is such a hot topic right now and if it’s really warranted.

Benny Van de Sompele, CTO & Co-Founder, shares his Top 3 DevSecOps Challenges that complex enterprises and regulated organisations need to address… today and tomorrow.

Check out this 5 minute video interview with Benny to learn how to prevent compliancy violation through intelligent automation and enhanced visibility of configuration files.

More Learning

For a deeper dive into the governance around config file management, check out our on-demand webinar. This is a full interactive debate on how to make CI/CD automation and DevSecOps a winning combination.

How to make CI/CD automation & DevSecOps a winning combination »

This webinar includes guest industry expert and NowBe Founder, Stéphan Hellmann. Stéphan shares his best practices for coping with secrets management, compliancy violations and audits.

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