Why config data matters

Are your DevOps teams working with a high level of change? We all need a little help dealing with this rapid pace of change. Imagine a platform that keeps an eye on all these high speed variations. Even when you’re asleep, at a party or simply working on something else. That way DevOps don’t have to.

By 2025 all CI/CD pipelines will be proactively managed by an intelligent, automated and machine-learning force that will continuously validate deployments 24/7. Well, that’s what we predict anyway. And that’s where a dynamic configuration data management platform - or CMDB - comes in.

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It won’t matter if the changes being applied are technical, functional or sensitive, because they’ll be handled by a multi-faceted platform. A smart one that’s learnt everything about your pipeline just be looking through past activity. Pretty awesome, right?

So, you’ll actually be able to predict the future. This way, you can really protect your application estates and stop them from colliding with any external or internal threats. Wave goodbye to bad config data. Say hello to Sweagle.

Want to see what the future looks like?

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The hidden risk of config data

Security and risk are topical areas at the moment with customer and system data being lost and exposed. Config files are one of the lesser known hidden risks to our application estates. DevOps is not always aware that there are thousands of passwords hidden in clear text inside config files. That means passwords to access your main trading systems, customer data and other tools could be in plain sight because they’ve not been properly encrypted.

Config data & change

Change. It’s inevitable. But it’s also the biggest cause of application incidents. Every time something new or different goes in, a problem will come out the other end - your live environment.

In modern organizations, there’s huge pressure to increase the rate of change as DevOps allows us to work at a greater pace. So if you can’t create an efficient pipeline from Development to Delivery and Production, your incident count will continue to rise.

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Show me how to manage config change