The easiest way to control config data in the cloud

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Manage it

Easily manage all the config items from infra, applications and environments into a consolidated data model with full life cycle support.


Secure it

Handle who sees what with intelligent RBAC controls and automatically encrypt secrets or sensitive data so it never enters a release environment.


Validate it

With zero effort on your part, get continuous and automatic validation of config files and data from absolutely any environment, tool or team.

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No matter the industry, config data matters. Sweagle is super successful at bringing config data order to complex, global organizations like banking, insurance and telecommunications. 

Config chaos

Config data chaos

Config data is everywhere. If you want to release more quickly, frequently and accurately, you have to manage, test and validate all that data. That’s not easy, unless you have a non-intrusive, automated process to do it for you.

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Forget the manual

catch config errors

You know the energy and pain it takes to prepare and review all the settings and parameters before a release. It doesn’t have to be that way. Your DevOps teams can be freed of that burden to focus on what they do best.


What bottlenecks?

Don’t let your CI/CD pipeline become a traffic jam. Save yourself from slumps and downtime by uncorking the bottlenecks that are blocking your software engineering process. Make the mission to control your hybrid environments possible.

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Let’s fight
bad config!

Proper config management means easier adjustments, quicker changes and better applications. But oftentimes, you can’t see what’s changing. That’s when mistakes crop up, sensitive data gets in and versions don’t match. And sometimes we just need to kill the pain before we add the vitamins...

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What would Batman do?

Config has gone bad and you need a new hero to save the day. You don't need to jump off buildings or wear a lycra suit but you do need to accept that old config stores don't meet today's standards. The process for DevOps has deviated, the control over config has been lost. Escalation that was minor, becomes bigger, more complex and then repeats. You need a hero. Be like Batman.

With Sweagle we've been able to take back control of our config data management and improve the quality of our CI/CD pipeline.
Paul Jouët, SCOR
Paul Jouët